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Offshore Company Incorporation

 Offshore companies are set up by investors and enterprises utilizing special preferential policies of certain countries and regions (such as Bermuda, BVI, Samoa, Bahamas, Delaware in the United States, Singapore) to carry out business operations. One of the advantages of these companies is that the business operation can be directly commenced in any place around the world as its shareholders and directors do not need to visit the place in person or operate their businesses in that place.

Since those countries and regions share a close and good trade relation with the developed countries, offshore companies have become the most preferred way of cross-country operations for a number of sizable multinational companies and inpiduals with high-value assets.

Moreover, investors and enterprises have a more convenient way to allocate their financial resources when they open bank accounts in major international banks in the names of offshore companies as almost all major international banks recognize these companies.

Setting up offshore companies as a holding company  in these countries and regions is mainly for commercial investments and international trades, saving operating cost by tax planning based on local policies as well as taking advantages of the convenience brought by preferential policies for offshore listing.


  • Simple operation with low cost of incorporation
  • Lower operating cost
  • Facilitating investments and financing
  • Convenient subsequent management as visit to the place in person for management is not required
  • Enhancing international image and influence
  • High confidentiality for shareholders’ information, equity ratio and earnings of the company

Our Services Include

  • BVI Company Incorporation
  • Bermuda Company Incorporation
  • Cayman Islands Company Incorporation
  • Bahamas Company Incorporation
  • Mauritius Company Incorporation
  • Anguilla Company Incorporation
  • Brunei Company Incorporation
  • Samoa Company Incorporation
  • Seychelles Company Incorporation
  • Singapore Company Incorporation
  • British Company Incorporation
  • United States Company Incorporation
  • Nevis Islands Company Incorporation
  • Marshall Islands Company Incorporation

Required Information

  • At least one shareholder and director of over 18 years old
  • Company name (in Chinese and English)
  • Copies of ID cards or passports of shareholders and directors
  • A local inpidual or legal person who acts as agent
  • Local address or local registered address of the company
  • Company seal (required by certain countries or regions, such as Bahamas)
  • Standard registered capital (subject to different countries or regions)


Subsequent maintenance of an offshore company is relatively simple. The company principally needs to conduct an annual and regular review for it to operate on a going concern. Conpak will provide you with annual review service of the offshore companies subject to the situations of different countries or regions.