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Hong Kong Company Incorporation

 As Hong Kong enjoys free economy and has developed a sophisticated offshore Renminbi market, various foreign companies set up offices in Hong Kong for their multinational operation and expansion of markets in Hong Kong and  mainland China. Hong Kong represents a business hub for foreign companies to access China market.

According to the statistics of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, about 65% of the total external investment of China is now made in Hong Kong and overseas markets through Hong Kong. Hong Kong has definitely become an important platform for the flows of global capital.

Conpak, an accounting firm in Hong Kong, is abundant in resources for business operation in Hong Kong. We also set up offices in  mainland China in order to comprehensively understand the business practices in the Mainland, and provide one-stop services in relation to the incorporation of Hong Kong company to satisfy your demands.


  • Freedom for choosing company name
  • Little limitation on business scope
  • Low tax rate
  • Low registered capital, and no capital verification required
  • Dormant and shell companies allowed
  • Gateway for expansion of international markets and access to China market
  • Easy to gain international credits and loans
  • Free flow of human resources, goods and capital
  • Sound intellectual property protection laws
  • Grant of the right of abode in Hong Kong
  • Convenient borrowing, merging and financing


  • Company name in Chinese or/and English name which shall be ended with “有限公司” or “LIMITED”
  • As least one shareholder .who could also be the director without restriction on  nationality)
  • Registered address in Hong Kong
  • Legal secretary of company which shall be Hong Kong resident or a company registered in Hong Kong
  • At least HK$10,000 registered capital
  • No limitation on business scope


  • Preform company name search
  • Submit relevant information
  • Sign entrustment contract
  • Prepare registration documents
  • Summit for processing
  • Complete registration

Required Information

  • Chinese or/and English names of the company
  • Copies of ID cards or passports of shareholders and directors
  • Registered address
  • Copy of the ID card of the company's legal secretary. In case the part of legal secretary is taken by a company, the copy of Certificate of Incorporation and Business Registration Certificate shall be provided

Tax Concession

  • Hong Kong Company generally levies a profits tax at the tax rate of 16.5% only for the operation, excluding value-added tax and business tax.
  • The income derived outside Hong Kong is not subject to tax even if the amount is remitted to Hong Kong.
  • The operating cost of Hong Kong companies can be entirely (but not in pro rata) expensed to a reasonable extent.
  • Purchase, leasing and disposal of properties in Hong Kong through a limited company is exempt from the property tax.

Annual Audit

  • A company incorporated in Hong Kong shall annually receive a new Business Registration Certificate for the year from Hong Kong Government.
  • A dormant company in Hong Kong shall also file Annual Returns on time.


If no actual operation is carried out by a Hong Kong company during the financial year, the company can apply to the government for an exemption from accounting, auditing and tax for that financial year, and is qualified for tax-exempt in the capacity of Hong Kong company