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Auditing is a process of verification and approval of the financial statements of a company by a practicing accountant annually or over a period more than a year to express an accountable view to the government in report form. An auditor’s report is a scientific basis for an enterprise to design, implement and maintain an internal control related to the preparation of financial statements and enables an enterprise to choose and apply appropriate accounting policies and make reasonable accounting evaluation.

Our Services Include

Internal Audit

An internal audit is designed to evaluate and improve risk management, control the effectiveness of corporate governance and enable an enterprise to achieve its target. It focuses on such aspects of an enterprise as compliance of laws and regulations, goal-achievement and operational efficiency of the economic activities. An internal audit must be performed by an auditor with certain knowledge on management so as to facilitate the enterprise to improve its operation and enhance its values.

Statutory Audit

Statutory Audit is a mandatory audit required under regulations. A foreign-invested enterprise or a listed company in the PRC has to be audited by a PRC- certified public accountant annually. Under Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, the annual financial statements of a company incorporated in Hong Kong with limited liabilities must be audited by an accounting firm for consideration of the shareholders of such company at an annual general meeting.

Further, some enterprises may need specific audit services for various operational purposes to satisfy and achieve their respective management targets. Conpak will render Special Propose Audit and Audit for Australia Migration Purpose services tailored to different needs of enterprises.